Collection: More Life Collection

Inspired by the MLF Award Trophy - “More” “Life” was designed by More Life Foundation providing Hip Hop with a positive Image. Featured with the MLF abbreviation splattered with the original hyper colors to more life. The trophy represents furthering hip hop’s impact across all life. This culture is the world's largest influence, and these awards promote MORE LIFE!


No secret, Hip Hop greatly affects all aspects of life. Sports, commercials, fashion, attitudes, personal choices are even affected by the entire culture of hip hop that is exposed. There’s also no secret there are plenty of negative effects that come from hip hop influence. Pain and anger become staple emotions portrayed in the music as products of a hostile environment. While area is a direct reflection of one's environment, opportunities which may provide areas with ways into the “Game” become limited with venues or promoters fearing the negative implications. But the positives can bring more people together more than any other genre or culture. As powerful as religion or politics, the impact can be great.